Chimney Repair Peoria IL

Chimney Services We Offer

Chimney Building And Repair

Our expert team conducts thorough chimney inspections to identify issues and ensure safety. From chimney building and repair to structural damage, we assess every aspect of your chimney’s condition.

Chimney Rebuild
Chimney Building And Repair
Crown Repair
Chimney repair peoria il

Masonry Repair & Maintenance

Specializing in masonry repair, we fix cracks, chips, and deterioration in your brickwork or stone structures. Our skilled craftsmen blend modern techniques with traditional aesthetics for seamless repairs.

Masonry Inspection
Brick Replacement
Masonry repair peoria il

Repointing & Tuckpointing

Tuckpointing is an essential service for homeowners with masonry structures. It repairs damaged mortar joints to enhance appearance, structural integrity, and longevity. Hiring professionals prevents water damage, mold growth, and deterioration of brickwork or stone structures, preserving the property’s value.

Color Match
Brick & Stone Mortar
masonry tuckpointing

Chimney Cap

Protect your chimney from water damage, animals, and debris with our chimney cap installation services. Our durable caps enhance chimney longevity, prevent downdrafts, and add a polished look.

Weatherproof Caps
Animal Preventions
Custom Designs
Chimney cap
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