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About Peoria Chimney And Masonry Repair

We specialize in top-notch chimney repair peoria il and masonry repairs for residential properties.

Experts in enhancing safety and aesthetics – Trusted by countless happy customers for over 50 years in Peoria, IL!

Quality Repair Services

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

Chimney cap

Chimney Caps

Flu Caps
Stainless Steel
Brick masonry house

Masonry Repair

Brick Replacement
Yellow House with chimney repair Peoria il

Chimney Repair

Chimney Rebuild
Chimney Building And Repair
Chimney Services

Our Services


Chimney Building & Repair

We service all types of chimney repairs from just a few brick replacements to a complete rebuild


Masonry Contractor

Peoria Chimney is a professional specializing in the construction, repair, and restoration of structures using materials like brick, stone, or concrete.



Masonry waterproofing involves applying sealants or coatings to prevent water penetration and protect structures from moisture damage.


Foundation Repair

Foundation repair involves addressing issues such as cracks, settling, or shifting in a building’s foundation to maintain structural stability.



Repointing involves removing deteriorated or damaged mortar from the joints between bricks or stones and replacing it with new mortar. The primary goal of repointing is to repair the mortar joints, improve structural integrity, and prevent water penetration.


Chimney Cap

A chimney cap is a protective covering installed atop a chimney to prevent debris, animals, and moisture from entering. Installed in stainless steel or copper.

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OR Call Us: (309) 810-8641

Let Us Restore Your Property Today

OR Call Us: (309) 810-8641

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What Sets Us Apart:


Precise Restorations

Skilled craftsmen deliver detailed and meticulous restoration services.


Timely Solutions

We offer timely service without compromising on quality for every project.


Affordable Excellence

Our prices are competitive to ensure accessible high-quality repairs for all.

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